The World’s highest railway

The Qinghai-Tibet railway or Qingzang railway is an alternative to flying in-out  of Lhasa. My first 2 trips to Tibet was from Nepal, crossing the Nepa-China border at Zhangmu located in Nyalam County. The road condition here is pretty bad and during bad weather it’s a nightmare travelling thru this section but thing has changed after the recent earthquakes and it has not been use by tourist since then. Continue reading

Spending a night at one of the world’s highest point

Everest rising above the rest of the peaks on a clear day.

After a long journey of bumpy and muddy road from Namtso Lake we arrived late in the afternoon into Shigatse, where we spend the night before heading to Everest the next morning. The problem travelling in Tibet even we already had a Tibet entry permit, there are many check points and we still need to apply another permit to enter into the Oomolangma (Everest) National Nature Reserved. The hassle of getting this permit in Shigatse is that we lost precious hours waiting for this to process especially if there are many tour groups. Continue reading

The Road to Mandalay

Mandalay Pictorial

morning at Ubein Bridge, Mandalay

You can take a slow boat ride up the river to Mandalay or like now we prefer to fight in direct to Mandalay. Many years ago in my first trip to Myanmar to took a night train from Yangon. It was one of the most memorable train ride but certainly not in the most comfortable way. It was a long long train ride taking more than 10 hours in a old rocky train with wooden seats and windows that you cannot close. It was freezing from night to early morning as we were travelling towards end of December. Continue reading

Yangon Chinatown Pictorial

Street scene of Myanmar Chinatown.

Yangon chinatown street scene

Yangon chinatown street scene

After more than a week traveling thru Mandalay, Bagan and Inle lake, i ended up in Yangon for our flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

As we arrived late in the afternoon we only managed to visit Shwedagon Pagoda during sunrise and had a morning free time before we check out from hotel and go to the airport. In the evening hours during sunset there were many local people and tourists at Shwedagon Pagoda. Most people come early morning or late afternoon as it is cooler but it will mean there will be hundreds of other people too.

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A Bangkok stopover

Bangkok Streets

Mornign rush hour in Bangkok city

Morning rush hour in Bangkok city. The river is very much part of Bangkok street life.

On my way back from Iceland, my flight was via Bangkok and I took a 2-day stopover. Mainly for a short rest and to take some street photos with my new camera. But it turned out i was still having jet lack and sleep most of my first day. Continue reading

A half-day transit in Helsinki

My luggage like Helsinki




I will not forget Helsinki for awhile at least. I am on a flight from Singapore on  Fin Air, and transit in Helsinki for my onward journey by Icelander Air to Reykjavik , Iceland but when arriving in Reykjavik Airport I couldn’t find my luggage after everyone has got theirs. After filing a missing luggage i was told it’s probably still in Helsinki and they will try to get it to me by the next day flight. And was given a toiletries bag among toothbrush , i got a XXL t-shirt. And I normal wear M. Good thing is i did get back my luggage the next day just in time as my group about to leave the city to other parts of Iceland. That will be another story to come.

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Sheila Leisure Farm, Taiwan

A Refreshing Mountain Retreat with Breathtaking View.


Sheipa Leisure Farm perched at the top of 1,923 meters offers a panoramic view of the surrounding Sheipa Mountains of Sheipa National Park in the Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area. The main building and the accommodation are built to blend into the surrounding environment giving you an easy access to enjoy the natural sceneries and fresh air. Continue reading