Chinese New Year 2014 – Year of the horse


Today we celebrate the beginning of a new year. The year of the Horse, 2014. Its Chinese custom that people go to the temple on the eve of the Chinese Lunar new year to pray for a peaceful and prosperous new year. At the stroke of mid-night many people will rush to offers joss sticks and burn papers offering, lighting up of huge incense coil and extra large joss stick that will burn through the night. Continue reading



The festival of Thaipusam is one of the most colourful festival in Malaysia celebrated by Hindu community. Every year this festival attracts thousand of locals and tourists as well, including many many photographers. The ceremony start very early in the morning and lasted till late night, when devotees carrying kavadi and offerings up to the cave temple at Batu Caves.

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The Migrant workers


I have been living here in Malaysia for 3 years and 8 month. I am from Pakistan. I was studying there at graduate level. I left my studies during MBA due to some circumstances. I start work here in construction sector. I am 25 years old.” – Ghulam Murtaza.

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The Modern Silk Road, Xinjiang


The journey to Kashgar or Kashi is long and tiring despite the newly tarred highway all the way from Urumqi. Travelling more them 500km a day, we have to make 2 overnight stops along the way before reaching Kashgar. I can imagine how adventurous and tiring it was for traders in the olden days travelling this famed Silk Road that link Europe and Central Asia to China bringing with them exotic goods and spices. Even till today we can still see glimpse of the past in some of the ruins and old towns. But these are slowly being over shadowed by the new cities that mushroom almost overnight fueled by the oil rich economy of Xinjiang.

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