The Migrant workers


I have been living here in Malaysia for 3 years and 8 month. I am from Pakistan. I was studying there at graduate level. I left my studies during MBA due to some circumstances. I start work here in construction sector. I am 25 years old.” – Ghulam Murtaza.


Towards end of 2013 we did a project about the life of migrant workers in Malaysia. There are already well over 1 million foreign workers in Malaysia now and most of us will not have direct contact with them in our daily life. But we can’t dismiss the fact that they are here and due to some bad incidence we tend to look at migrant workers with suspicious. Most of the migrant workers are in the construction sector building our luxurious condos and super malls.


migrant_DSC7216migrant_DSC7137For this project we made a visit to a large migrant community located some where in Putrajaya. They stay next the super mall that they are building but the living condition is really bad. Rows and rows of makeshift wooden houses lined together with container turned-home that sleep 4-8 people at a time.

We talk to them, listen to their stories and all the material collected was recently exhibited in The Black Box, Publika.



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