Fuji X pro 1


I have been here a few times over the years with different luck over the weather. The afternoon we arrived in Kathmandu from Zhangmu it started to rain. Due to the rainy weather i didn’t even go up to Swayambhunath. I was also tired from the high altitude of Everest after travelling there for 2 weeks. The following morning was still raining when we reached Boudhanath. Since the rain isn’t too heavy i went for a walk round the giant stupa, taking some random pictures with my Fuji X- Pro 1 as I walk slowly among the crowd of devotees. Despite the slight rain, there were still many people circling the stupa, stopping to pray and turning the prayer wheels along the way. om mani padme hum..


When the Fuji X-pro 1 was release i was taken-in by the simple classic design of the camera. I didn’t hesitate when i was offer to buy this with a couple of lenses. The first few months i was constantly using it, keeping it in my messenger bag all the time. And even took it to for a couple of trips. But after a few months i realise my spectacle was getting blur and with lots of scratches on the  right lens. Took it to my optician and was told that since i took photos often the scratches was caused by the camera view finder. By then i have already spoilt 2 of my specs. After checking the camera view finder i can confirm that was the problem as the view finder ring is of hard metal without any rubber ring…And checking with some frens i found out I am not the only person affected by this. Tibet-7272 Tibet-7253 Tibet-7242 Nepal-6889 Nepa-6813

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