Phuket, Thailand

For some fun and sun at Phuket Island


Phuket Island was already a popular holiday island for the European and Asian tourists when the Tsunami came and wipe off many parts of the island. A few years later I was back to the island again on last February and I was really surprised and amazed how much the island has changed. There was nothing much to indicate that fateful day except a few small signage that indicate Tsunami escape route. Business is blooming, hotels are filled with tourists while restaurants and bars are packed with tourists in the evening. During the day you can hardly find an empty spot at the beach, where hundreds of tourists lay beneath giant beach umbrellas basking from sunrise till sunset.

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Mt.Kailash & Everest Base Camp

tibet_DSC6206The evening view from the village before Everest Base Camp North face.

This is my second trip to Tibet and my first time travelling in the Ngari Region where Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarova are located. Travelling in Tibet is always a challenge as most part of the route is at altitude of 3500-5200 meter and due to the remote location living condition is at best very basic. But this didn’t stop me from going back again. With it’s spiritual aura and spectacular scenery it is no wonder why it entices us to go back time and again.

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Guangzhou, China

Revisiting Guangzhou


It’s been years since I last went to Guangzhou, and that’s also a stop over. On my first trip I accompanied my family back to our ancestor home in a remote village, few hours away from Yun Fu town. Years ago it took us 1 day journey over very rough road to Yun Fu but now it took me only 2 hours on a express bus using the highway. After my shoot in Guangzhou for a client I took a day off and make a trip back to Yun Fu to catch up with my cousins, nieces and nephews over a lunch get together.

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