Guangzhou, China

Revisiting Guangzhou


It’s been years since I last went to Guangzhou, and that’s also a stop over. On my first trip I accompanied my family back to our ancestor home in a remote village, few hours away from Yun Fu town. Years ago it took us 1 day journey over very rough road to Yun Fu but now it took me only 2 hours on a express bus using the highway. After my shoot in Guangzhou for a client I took a day off and make a trip back to Yun Fu to catch up with my cousins, nieces and nephews over a lunch get together.

GZ-8689 GZ-8687 GZ-8682 GZ-8676

With only 1 free day in Guangzhou I was short of time to visit some of the latest hot spot in the city. Choosing a few areas that are easily accessible by MRT, I took the metro to Qing Ping market, the few streets that sell Chinese herbs and delicacy. Then walk over to Shamian Island. The island is a gazetted historical area that serves as a tranquil reminder of the colonial European period but is now housing hotels and restaurants. And probably the most popular among wedding photography as it provide a ‘foreign’ backdrop for their wedding photos for those who cant afford to go to Europe for the wedding shoot. On the day I was there I saw no less then half a dozen wedding shoots going on including a photography teacher from the local college having a practical wedding shoot with his students.

GZ-8710-2 GZ-8703 GZ-8700

After walking for most of the morning I had enough and managed to squeeze some time to the shopping streets of Xiajiu Lu and Shangjiu Lu but unfortunately my Fuji X-pro1 ran out of battery.

GZ-8656 GZ-8654 GZ-8720-2

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