Mt.Kailash & Everest Base Camp

tibet_DSC6206The evening view from the village before Everest Base Camp North face.

This is my second trip to Tibet and my first time travelling in the Ngari Region where Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarova are located. Travelling in Tibet is always a challenge as most part of the route is at altitude of 3500-5200 meter and due to the remote location living condition is at best very basic. But this didn’t stop me from going back again. With it’s spiritual aura and spectacular scenery it is no wonder why it entices us to go back time and again.


The town of Darchen (4620m) at the foothill of Mt.Kailash


Our over night stop at guesthouse in Paryang 

tibet_D607524We overnight at a guest house just beside The scared Lake Manasarovar (4650m)tibet_D607461

Guest house at Lake Manasarovar

Mt.Kailash is the highest peak in the massive Gangdise mountain range with an altitude of over 6,600 meters. This pyramid shape peak is covered with year-round snow. Climbing on Mt. Kailesh is not allow but Hindu, Buddhist and Bonist pilgrims pay tribute to this scared mountain by walking around Mt.Kailash as it can atone for all your sins committed throughout one’s lifetime. This year will see more people walking around the mountain as walking one complete circle is equivalent to thirteen circles in the horse year. One circle around Mt. Kailash is 53km and takes up to 3 days but Tibetans are known to complete the circle within a day.


Sunset at the villages nearest to Everest Base Camp

The ever winding road to Everest Base Camp (North face)tibet_DSC5757 cc

The spectacular road from Tingri up to Everest Base Camptibet_DSC5622 cc

Evening at Old Tingri

Tibetan barley ready for harvest on the way back to Zhangmutibet_D608702

Everest view from old Tingritibet_D608376 ccSand dunes on the way to Ngari

Photo taken using Nikon D800E & D600

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