Signature by The Hill

The Roof Restaurant • Bar • Lounge


Located next to the popular 1U shopping mall and One World Hotel, this is a choice area especially for those who live and work around PJ and Taman Tun. With the infamous traffic jam of going down to the city, this is certainly more attractive for those who want to chill and you get to choose from restaurant, bar and lounge in the same sky level.

The restaurant is airy and spacious, and would certainly be more soothing during the evening hours as you look out to the all glass window. Nearby is the housing area of PJ and Taman Tun and as your eyes stretch beyond you can see KL city skyline with the KL tower and KL twin tower in the background.


 Soft Shell Crab salad 

Served with red radish, Kyuri, cherry tomatoes & salad in signature wafu dressing –RM22

Fried but not too hard and crispy with a generous bed of salad


Signature Grilled Salmon Pasta

Grilled Salmin, served on a bedof spaghetti with mild spicy creamed tomato sauce& topped with arugula – RM45

I am not really fond of creamy sauce or tomato for pasta but this slightly spicy tomato sauce is surprisingly good and it came with a huge block of salmon.    


Rack of Lamb

Chargrilled airflown rack of lamb, served with roastedpumpkin, Brussel SproutFricassee & Signature mint sauce – RM58

Since I don’t take beef, lamb is my meat option and thus I am more incline to this. Serving is just nice, but for big meat eater you’ll find it little lacking.  


Charred SeafoodNoodles (signature version of Char Kuey Teow)

Flat rice noodle with king prawns, scallops, oyster& calamari, stir fired with chilipaste, garlic and scallions – RM38

Not your usual char kuey teow as this come with huge prawn, scallops and calamari in a generous portion of noodle but the spring onion garnishing is abit over kill.


Spicy Chocolate Lava

Chill chocolate lava cake served with Kahlua infused mascarpone,berries compose – RM22

This is certainly our favourite but is best shared with another person. Rich chocolate that melt in your mouth.


Trio Crème Brulee

Ginger, Coffee, Classic flavours – RM19

If too rich desert is not your choice then this 3 different flavours Creme Brulee in a small cup will keep you happy.



Signature by The Hill

The Roof Restaurant * Bar * Lounge

Sky Level, 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03 7725 3588 Select Files



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