New Zealand South Island

Middle Earth

Mt.Cook/AorakiAfter watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy I was spell-bounded by the awesome scenery of New Zealand’s South Island. Several years later and on my second attempt I finally found myself in South Island with a few friends on a self-drive journey through the South in search of those sceneries that are still vivid in my mind.

Driving through the South Island is a much easier and more pleasant journey compared to what Frodo have to endure in his journey to Mount Doom. The road is well paved and there is clear signage to point you to wherever you wanted to go without getting lost. Ok, we did get lost a couple of time but then it was only because we were too engrossed with the beautiful scenery to notice the signage that indicate that we should turn into the smaller road. Nevertheless we did enjoyed getting ‘lost’ as we find interesting surprises waiting for us that includes a vineyard with café that offers wine tasting.

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Taiwan Leisure Farm

Fu Wan

fu wan

If there is a classification of farm then this must be a 5-star farm. Imagine villa with swimming pool, a modern looking restaurant that serves Chinese fine dining cuisines by an award-winning chef and yes, there is a lounge that keeps you karaoke happy the whole nightlong. The modest row of chalets at the fringe of the garden will surprise you with a luxurious interior. The comforts range from soft comfortable bed linen to a huge wooden bathtub for you to soothe your tired body. The few bigger villas are thoughtfully placed at a quiet area on the other side of the farm.

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Indian Dancer

Michelle ‘Jueny’ Chang,  Sultan Street, KL chinatown

Michelle 'Jueny' Chang

This event took place earlier this year in Kuala Lumpur Chinatown. The performance and dances took place in the street, while the road was not closed, some of the performances were able to spill over into the street. A mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian dancers and musicians performing right in front of the audience on the street pavement.

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Taiwan Leisure Farm- Kenting Stony Brook


Kenting Stony Brook Nature Farm

NO.1-1, Ln. Shihniou, Kenting Road. Pingtung County.

The Italian inspired Tuscany, A French Chateau, has a large field for those who like to sleep under the stars – this is Kenting Stony Brook Nature Farm. And for those who want comfort close to nature, there are the rows of comfortable log cabins to choose from. These cabins open up to a spacious garden with wooden table and benches for those who enjoy outdoor picnic or the cool evening breeze. And you can even bring your furry pet here for just a small fee. Continue reading

Taiwan Leisure Farm

Enjoy tranquil getaways, experience warm hospitality and get pampered with modern comfort

fu wan

Taiwan Leisure Farm is certainly not your typical impression of farm. In fact it’s more like a resort with a history of farming that emphasized on the natural environment and promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Some of the farms are still operating their core farming business and as such it’s not surprising that the food they serve is usually made up of produce from their farms. Flowers, fruits and herbs are blended into their cuisines, while poultry and fishes come straight from their own farm. Even wild vegetables are frequently served depending on the season. And during fruits harvest season it’s one of the best time to be there to taste the freshest of fruits as you pluck them straight from the trees.

These farms are unique and cater to different concept of farm stay. Depending on their location they offer visitors a choice of luxurious French inspired chateau to those who want to be close to nature camping under the stars. You can choose from simple organic meal to a full-course of fine dining Chinese cuisines. And if you want to pamper yourself further there are also spa village using their own products that are sourced from the farm’s choice of herbs and flowers. And how about dripping the freshly harvest farm honey into your fruits salad as an appetizer or try to concoct your own special blend of herbs and oil.

Whether you are looking for a relax holiday to enjoy nature’s best or set to explore the mountain peaks, check out these highlights of Taiwan Leisure Farm

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Romantic Greek Islands

Cruising the Agean Sea.

Greece island The resident artist of Mykonos who sells her own paintings at the morning market.

There is something magical about these Greek islands in the Agean Sea, where the deep blue sea merge into the horizon and blend into spotless blue sky with fluffy white cloud rolling by. The toy like houses in mostly white and blue or some soft pastel colours filled the steep slope of Santorini making it one of the most popular tourist destination in the region. The relatively flat island of Mykonos has it own attraction with its many beaches, crystal clear blue sea, cool café and nightlife.

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Sunning of the great Buddha

The Lunar New Year in Qinghai, China.

tibetan culture

Tongren County a major historical and cultural site famous for Tibetan Buddhist art and thangka is a favorite among tourists and local. There are 3 important monasteries in Tongren where these ceremonies are held on different day attracting many photographers and hundreds of locals who come from nearby villages to celebrate the New Year. The Tibetan come dressed in their finest clothes and jewelleries to take part in these ceremonies.

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Tibetan Lunar New Year in Qinghai

Dance of the Sorcerers

Tibetan New year

The elaborately dressed dancers with imposing masks danced with a slow but steady movement as lamas chant and blow the huge Tibetan trumpets. The crowds were tightly packed at the monastery yard forming a circle round the dancers. As the crowds surged forward a lama with a long branches of leaves drove the crowd back. The ceremony has already started when we reached the temple and I couldn’t squeeze through the crowds to get a better view. Looking around I saw a group of photographers were already on the rooftop of a nearby house. Making my way there I found that I have to pay the house owner RMB20 before I am allowed to climb up the wobbly ladder.

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