Romantic Greek Islands

Cruising the Agean Sea.

Greece island The resident artist of Mykonos who sells her own paintings at the morning market.

There is something magical about these Greek islands in the Agean Sea, where the deep blue sea merge into the horizon and blend into spotless blue sky with fluffy white cloud rolling by. The toy like houses in mostly white and blue or some soft pastel colours filled the steep slope of Santorini making it one of the most popular tourist destination in the region. The relatively flat island of Mykonos has it own attraction with its many beaches, crystal clear blue sea, cool café and nightlife.

santorini islandThe toy like houses of Santorini

mykonos islandThe popular mascot of Mykonos

mykonosChisel who own the Suisell cafe in Mykonos

Greece islandBreakfast at Mykonos


santoriniTourists enjoying the view of the cladera at open air cafe.

Santorini sunsetThe most popular sunset location at Oia, Santorini

SantoriniRows of restaurants at Oia, Santorini facing sunset view.

SantoriniRelax in your private jacuzzi overlooking the sea beyond

santoriniShopping in Santorini

mykonosLittle Venice of Mykonos

MykonosThe 3 windmills of Mykonos

Greece island

3 thoughts on “Romantic Greek Islands

    1. thanks for dropping in my site. i am sure you will love these islands. Don’t just see Santorini and Mykonos, the less touristy island are nice too , is less crowded.


  1. Worry your photos are incredibly beautiful and the colors are very lively! Mykonos can be expensive hotels and restaurants but they have the most vip services in Mykonos. And sure to enjoy the view is to rent a motorcycle in Mykonos and tour the island !!


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