Taiwan Leisure Farm

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Taiwan Leisure Farm is certainly not your typical impression of farm. In fact it’s more like a resort with a history of farming that emphasized on the natural environment and promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Some of the farms are still operating their core farming business and as such it’s not surprising that the food they serve is usually made up of produce from their farms. Flowers, fruits and herbs are blended into their cuisines, while poultry and fishes come straight from their own farm. Even wild vegetables are frequently served depending on the season. And during fruits harvest season it’s one of the best time to be there to taste the freshest of fruits as you pluck them straight from the trees.

These farms are unique and cater to different concept of farm stay. Depending on their location they offer visitors a choice of luxurious French inspired chateau to those who want to be close to nature camping under the stars. You can choose from simple organic meal to a full-course of fine dining Chinese cuisines. And if you want to pamper yourself further there are also spa village using their own products that are sourced from the farm’s choice of herbs and flowers. And how about dripping the freshly harvest farm honey into your fruits salad as an appetizer or try to concoct your own special blend of herbs and oil.

Whether you are looking for a relax holiday to enjoy nature’s best or set to explore the mountain peaks, check out these highlights of Taiwan Leisure Farm

Flower Home Leisure Farm

No.43-3, Xiping, Zhuolan Township, Miaoli County


taiwan leisure farm

taiwan leisure farm

A small wooden hut at the entrance almost entirely covered with flowers greets you as you enter. Flowers and herbs plants lined both sides of the small pathway that leads you into the farm passing through a nursery and a display area where you can buy products made from the farm own flowers and herbs. There are various types of flowers blooming in the garden and the scent of fresh flowers and herbs filled the air.

taiwan leisure farm


The inconspicuous hotel building is tucked away at a corner of the farm, away from the restaurant and crowd. The spacious rooms come with huge balcony overlooking an orchard of fruit trees. Flower Home guests are also provided with toiletries made from the farm’s own special blend of essential oils for you to soak yourself in your own Jacuzzi in the extra large bathroom.

taiwan leisure farm

taiwan leisure farm

The farm is quiet and serene early in the morning, while in the background workers attend to the flowers and plants only stopping to greet you as you walked past them. Take a walk in the garden before breakfast to enjoy the fresh morning air filled with a subtle scent of flowers and herbs. During lavender season the field will be covered with a carpet of purple flowers. Flower lovers will have a wonderful time in the garden, especially photo enthusiasts who’ll no doubt be kept busy with their camera.

taiwan leisure farm

taiwan leisure farm

The restaurant is popular with walk-in diners and houseguests, serving the farm’s own special dishes that are cooked with herbs and flowers from their farm. The colourful flowers are not only beautiful to look at but taste as good too.

[Photos taken with Nikon Df]


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