Taiwan Leisure Farm

Fu Wan


fu wan

If there is a classification of farm then this must be a 5-star farm. Imagine villa with swimming pool, a modern looking restaurant that serves Chinese fine dining cuisines by an award-winning chef and yes, there is a lounge that keeps you karaoke happy the whole nightlong. The modest row of chalets at the fringe of the garden will surprise you with a luxurious interior. The comforts range from soft comfortable bed linen to a huge wooden bathtub for you to soothe your tired body. The few bigger villas are thoughtfully placed at a quiet area on the other side of the farm.

Fu Wan

Fu Wan

Fu Wan

And true to the reputation of their award-winning chef our lunch and dinner is nothing short of exceptional. The simple seafood rice broth for lunch is unanimously

agreed to be one of the best during our entire trip. Dinner is even more elaborate with an exciting mix of flavour and texture with a selection of raw fish, hot pot and their signature rose shrimp chocolate for dessert.

Fu Wan     Fu Wan

After a very satisfied dinner and a good night’s rest I woke up early the following morning to explore the rest of the farm, checking out the herbs garden and the fish ponds situated behind the garden chalets. The well-groomed garden is popular for hosting outdoor event and I can see guests are busy setting up for a wedding ceremony with flowers and colourful balloons creating an air of festivities in the garden. And of course we were happily taking photos of the wedding set-up too.


fu wan

Fu Wan


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