Silhouette & Shadow

Get creative with dramatic silhouettes

jordanIn the beginning we were always told to shoot with the sun behind us so that your subject will be clearly lighted up. As we move along and begin to understand light directions and to be able to control our camera better you’ll find that shooting with the sun in other positions can give you an even more dramatic results. Shooting into the sun can be tricky to meter and it’s not advisable to look straight into the strong sunlight otherwise it may damage your eyesight. But shooting against a strongly lighted background can create some dramatic shadow, silhouettes and flare.

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Natural Garden Restaurant

taiwan leisure farmTurning a plot of land that nobody wants to cultivate into a lush garden full flowers and herbs, Natural Garden has transform not only this once abandon piece of land but the entire neighborhood into a much sort after real estate. The farm and restaurant offer a variety of food and workshop based on herbal plants by conducting educational tours for school children and tourists. They run educational tour and DIY project teaching them the different usage of these herbal plants and flowers. Continue reading