A weekend getaway to Singapore

Breakaway in Singapore

Universal studios

A pre-Christmas weekend in Singapore after cancelling 2 previous trips in 2013 wasted my flights and hotel bookings. I have to ask my friend in Singapore to check into the hotel room since they don’t let me cancel my booking at the last minute.

So here I am in a mad rush to take in some of the latest Singapore sights (since these places were not ready during my last trips) during my less then 48 hours in Singapore.

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Sarawak Cultural Village

Revisits to Sarawak Cultural Village

Having been to a few places in Sarawak for shooting of Tourism Malaysia advertisments over the years, Sarawak Cultural Village in Kuching is the only place that I went back 3 times. The village offers a quick and accessible option to see a few of the Sarawak tribes and their traditional houses without having to venture deep into the interior of Sarawak forest. Nested at the foothills of Mount Santubong, Sarawak Cultural Village is about 35km from Kuching.

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Fairy Lake Leisure Farm

Fairy Lake Leisure Farm, Taiwan

fairy lake_DSC7293Fairy Lake Leisure Farm sits on top of an independent hill at the Tainan Dongshan mountain range. In the morning sea of clouds float over the valley making the farm looks like it’s sitting on an island thus the name Fairy Lake. In the evening you can even catch a brilliant sunset as you sit by the café sipping homegrown coffee. Or if you prefer try their dried longan infused ice-coffee or ice-cream while a small swimming pool next to the café provide cool relief during hot summer days.

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