Fairy Lake Leisure Farm

Fairy Lake Leisure Farm, Taiwan

fairy lake_DSC7293Fairy Lake Leisure Farm sits on top of an independent hill at the Tainan Dongshan mountain range. In the morning sea of clouds float over the valley making the farm looks like it’s sitting on an island thus the name Fairy Lake. In the evening you can even catch a brilliant sunset as you sit by the café sipping homegrown coffee. Or if you prefer try their dried longan infused ice-coffee or ice-cream while a small swimming pool next to the café provide cool relief during hot summer days.

fairy lake_DSC7456 fairy lake_DSC7443The rows of chalet are built on the hillside surrounded by longan, lychee and coffee trees giving it a fresh natural surrounding. The evening and morning is especially cooling for you to take a stroll through the farm for a breath of fresh air. The restaurant at the top of the hill serves a nice selection of local dishes sourced from their farm and wild vegetables are frequently used for their cooking. During lychee and longan harvest season fruits lover will be delighted pick them fresh from the trees. And if you arrive at the right time don’t forget to taste the farm’s honey or better still buy a few bottles as souvenir.

fairy lake_DSC7420 fairy lake_DSC7310 fairy lake_DSC7271www.senwho.com



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