Sarawak Cultural Village

Revisits to Sarawak Cultural Village

Having been to a few places in Sarawak for shooting of Tourism Malaysia advertisments over the years, Sarawak Cultural Village in Kuching is the only place that I went back 3 times. The village offers a quick and accessible option to see a few of the Sarawak tribes and their traditional houses without having to venture deep into the interior of Sarawak forest. Nested at the foothills of Mount Santubong, Sarawak Cultural Village is about 35km from Kuching.

Sarawak native dance Sarawak cultural village Sarawak cultural village Sarawak cultural village

The long houses in Sarawak Cultural Villages

This place offers a good day tour of Sarawak culture, showcasing the different ethnic groups, their long houses lifestyles and handicrafts amidst the natural tropical environment. Inside the village there is an auditorium playing 2 shows per day of dance, songs of different ethnic cultures. The show is simple but entertaining and suitable for whole family to enjoy. The warrior dance is probably the most popular as it include some lighter moments and interaction with the audiences.

Sarawak native dance Sarawak native dance Sarawak native dancer Sarawak native dancer

Cultural dance performance inside the auditorium

Sarawak dancer

Sarawak native dancer Sarawak native dancerThe Iban and Orang ULu womenSarawak sape player Sarawak sape player

The sape player

  Sarawak orang ulu warrior long housesSarawak Cultural Village is also the venue of the hugely popular Rainforest World Music Festival held yearly in Kuching.

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