Ulaan Baatar to Irkutsk

Ulan Baatar – Irkutsk Local Train 263N Dep: 20.25pm       

trans-siberian rail

2nd Leg : Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia) to Irkutsk (Russia)

Train No. 263N Second Class (4 berth/cabin)

Depart Ulaan Baatar 27/Sep 20.25 (UB time) Arrive Irkutsk 29/Sep 07.15 (Irkutsk time)

Total 35 hours.

Sun; 28 Sept Ulaan Baatar to Irkutsk


trans-siberian rail

Was still in my sleeping mode, when I heard the train stopping, thinking is just another usual stop at a local station, I dose off again. Later woke up again  hearing sound of our cabin attendant calling and told us the train will stop here for few hours. We can now get down to the station terminal for toilet, as we were not allowed to use the train toilet once it stopped at station.

trans-siberian rail

Getting down from our coach I found ours is the only coach left behind at the station. The rest of the train were not where to be seen. The whole group of us then get down and go taking photos of the surrounding.

trans-siberian rail

trans-siberian rail

Some of the scenic landscape we pass by on the way to Irkutsk. But it was not easy to take picture from the train as some of the window dirty and we can’t open them too much. Just enough to place our lens close to the opening. And when the weather is not good without sunshine the speed will be too slow to shoot from the fast moving train.


Mon   29 Sept     Train Arrive 07.15am in Irkutsk.

Minivan transfers to island guesthouse. Irkutsk – Olkhon Minivan & Ferry Arriving Olkhon guesthouse by 3pm.


My lunch


After check in had lunch and then explore guesthouse surrounding landmarks, Olkhon Shaman Rock, sunset point , Cape Badana Guba, Pishanka Village, Cape KhaboySiberia

The main village of Olkhon, the rest of the island is practically empty.

trans-siberian rail

SiberiaTue    30 Sep     A full day outing with trekking on the island.



TSDF-10800Our mini van driver is also our cook for lunch. Making fish soup for lunch, served with mix vegetable and bread.



By later afternoon we were back to our guesthouse and sunset shooting.


Day 10     Wed     1 Oct    Olkhon – Irkutsk      Minivan & Ferry Arrive Irkutsk 3 pm. Check in to guesthouse, go out to change money, look for dinner place, go supermarket to stock up for the next train journey.

Took a couple of rest and freshen up before we go to the station for our onward journey. Irkutsk to Moscow. The last and longest train rides of the Trans-Siberian Rail journey.


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