Rest.Pause.Rainforest Retreat

Embrace the rainforest at your doorsteps

Rest Pause @ntanahrimba
sunrise at Rest.Pause. tanah rimba

You’ll be surprised how close the rainforest is from Kuala Lumpur. Just 45 mins drive and you’ll be at the doorsteps  of Malaysia’s oldest rainforest. Forget about your alarm clock,  here you’ll be waking up to calls of the many varieties of birds and monkeys. Occasional you’ll even hear the calls of the endangered species of hornbill. In the early morning just as the sun rises you can see monkeys out looking for food along the road, at the surrounding compounds of the houses, which are well spaced out to give you all the peace, tranquility and privacy you wanted.

With 4 rooms and spacious living areas, it can easily host a dozen or more people. Great for friends and family to get together. To enjoy the outdoor  and cool fresh air, or do nothing. The choice is yours.

sunrise at tanah rimba
sunrise at Rest.Pause.  tanah rimba
sunrise at tanah rimba
the bungalow of Rest.Pause.
sunrise at tanah rimba
Surrounding view of the rain forest in the morning as mist roll over the trees.
Rest Pause at Tanah Rimba
The fish pond at the front of the spacious garden
stream beside the garden at Rest Pause
A small stream  flows beside the garden at Rest. Pause.
Rest Pause at tanah rimba
Rest Pause at tanah rimba
Bedroom at Rest Pause
Spacious  and airy 1st floor Bedroom over looking the garden below.
Ground foor bedroom at Rest Pause, Tanah Rimba
Ground floor bedroom at Rest. Pause.
sunrise at tanah rimba
Breakfast with a view at Rest.Pause.
lemon grass drink at Rest Pause
Signature welcome drink  of lemon grass
Rest Pause at tanah rimba
Rest Pause at tanah rimba
bbq at Rest Pause
The cooler evening is ideal for bbq at Rest. Pause.
sunrise at tanah rimba
A open deck for morning breakfast or an afternoon drink

For more info, check out the FB page:

Rest.Pause.Rain Forest.,101.827248?map=3.33292,101.82725,12,normal&fb_locale=en_US


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