Cherry Blossom season in Japan


There are many countries that have cherry blossom but no one country attract the kind of interest like Japan do during their Cherry Blossom in spring. Hotel prices shoot thru the roof and so is the airlines ticket. This is one season you really need to plan in advance if you want to enjoy the cherry blossom in Japan.

My one-week Japan Sakura trip is spent entirely in Kyoto in a more leisure manner. Giving me time to stop and enjoy the cherry blossom as I walk under the cherry blossom trees. As this is one of the most popular seasons in Japan, be prepare to find most popular spots packed. Best is to go out earlier before the big group of tourists come out. Some of this place will be a long walk so be prepare with some snacks & drinks. And yes an umbrella is useful too as I encountered many days of rain during my week in Kyoto. (I got to loan the umbrella from my hotel. The transparent umbrella is useful too when u take picture during light rain)

Path of Philosophy. The narrow path along the canal will be pack with people in the morning. Take the Tozai subway to Keage Station and you can visit Nanzen-ji Temple before reaching Path of Philosophy.

Tenryu-ji Temple at Arashimaya. Another popular and packed location but there are some nice cheery trees in the temple’s garden. After the temple visit then is a must to take a walk thru the Bamboo Grove. No cheery trees but the bamboo grove is still a nice place to get some pictures. (There are probably some couple taking their wedding photos here too).


Heian-jingu Shrine. The garden inside this shrine is home to some weeping charry trees (shidare-zakura). Outside tourists & local in kimono taking pictures at the shrine.

Kiyamachi Street. One of the most popular streets, row of cherry blossom trees line the canal and is lighten up at night making it even more magical.

Shirakawa-dori. Another popular street during cherry blossom season, where pedestrians packed the road alongside the canal with spot lights high-lighting the cherry blossom trees. Along the rows beside the canal are restaurants, clubs and ryokan.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple at night where there will be special evening illuminations during cherry blossom season. There will be many people here and taking picture with tripod is not allowed near to the entrance.

This old rail tracks that span 582m remain, creating a unique scene when the cherry trees blossom that makes it one of Kyoto’s most popular spots to see cherry blossoms. The best time to visit is in the early morning before it gets crowded. Many foreign wedding couples were seen taking their pre-wedding photos there





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