Welcoming the Rat for 2020


Z50-0095RCelebrating the 2020 Lunar New Year of The Rat.

On the eve of the new lunar year, people flock to the temple at night. Preferable to  be at the temple before or by 12 mid night so you can be the first person to light the josh stick and pray for the best for the new year. The 2 oldest temples in KL Chinatown are the most popular as people started arriving after their reunion dinner.

The Guandi Temple & The Sin Sze Si Ya Temple located just a short distant within each other. If you are a tourist and is in Kl during the Chinese New Year, it will be interesting to pay a visit to these temples. Take in the vibrant and festive atmosphere.

This series of photos is taken with the Nikon Z50, with the kit lens 16-50mm. ISO is set mostly between 1000-2500. The small & light-weighted mirrorless camera make it easier to shoot in this packed environment as I move in between people and lighted josh sticks. The selfie position of the Z50 LCD comes in useful as I use it the shoot up to the coil of lighted josh sticks hanging from the ceiling. Some the the coils are hanging down just inches from the ground.



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