The New Nikon Z50

My first hand-on impressions

Nikon Z50 + 105mm f/2.8
  1. The size: It’s the smallest of Nikon Z mirrorless body. Small & Light but still hold comfortably in one hand. My wrist doesn’t feel the strained even holding & shooting in one hand paired with the kit lens without having a camera strap attached. 
  2. The sensor: The APS-C sensor probably won’t bother the new user who upgrade from beginner dslr or phone camera. But I like to have my ultra-wide lens so I have to use the FTZ to shoot with my other ultra-wide lens & also other lenses like the S series lenses.
  3. Image quality: The 20.2MP sensor produced images that’s generally excellent with good realistic colour tone. While I usually shoot in Raw, the Z50 jpegs is very usable without post processing.
  4. Video: I am a newbie for video and I find it quite easy to set up for video recording and the result is pretty good. I use ‘recording’ instead of shooting as I set up the tripod and let the Z50 runs as soon as I see fireworks lighted up the sky. Ok I guess this is not a fair review for video. But it’s easy just like using my mobile phone to record.

What I like most:

Nikon Z50 + 16-50mm
  1. The large LCD is great & the touch screen is responsive. For once I use the LCD entirely instead of the viewfinder.
  2. I am a bad selfie shooter but I like that the LCD can flip so you can see yourself when you want to do selfie. But I use it to shoot sometime else. The image of hanging coils of incense that’s almost reaching the ground making it impossible for me to do an upward shot of it from low angle. By flipping the LCD in reverse, I can see how Is my composition before I release the shutter with a tap on the touch screen.

What’s the drawback?

  1. With just the kit lens 16-50 & the 50-250mm zoom, there is a limitation to your range of shots. With the maximum aperture of f/3.5 you will not going to get that dreamy bokeh shot, which will affect the new user. The existing Nikon users can use the FTZ adapter or the S series of lenses. 

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