The slow train from Hatyai to Phattalung.

When I planned my trip my first trip to Thale Noi, Phattalung I had so much time that I decided to take a slow leisure journey once I touch down at Hatyai airport. And it was quite a challenge as I have not been to Hatyai before and I don’t speak Thai apart from able to order tom yum goong and pad thai.

From the airport I took a taxi to the railway station, which is about 12 km away. First thing I did when I reach the railway station was to find out when is the next available train to Phattalung. After a few exchanges of thai & hand language I choose the 1.50 pm train. I couldn’t really hear how much is the ticket I just pass 100 Baht thru the counter for 2 tickets. I took the tickets and a bundle of lose change. The ticket cost us 18 Baht each. 

Then we went for lunch at a local shop near the station. We had noodle and were given free bananas too. After lunch, we went back & waited for the train, which was a little late according to the schedule. I have to double check with the counter to make sure we didn’t miss our train. We were finally in the train on the way to Phattalung just after 2 pm. The train is pretty old with wooden benches for seats. It was not full and its free seating. Luckily it was not a very hot day or else it will be very stuff inside as there were only fans in the carriage. The train made many stops along the way. But what keep me occupied and busy with my camera were the local passengers in the carriage. And the 2 hours passed by quickly. It is a small station and we find our self standing at the main entrance without sign of tuktuk or taxi. I went to the ticket counter to ask and was told to check outside. Went out and started asking people but nobody seem to know. Saw a pickup truck with some people at the back I went to ask the driver. While we couldn’t really understand each other, he is nice enough to help me ask another driver and after a few exchanged of the place I wanted to go and how much it will cost. It was settled and we were on our way as the rain start to pour. After about 30 mins we finally reach our hotel.

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