Signature by The Hill

The Roof Restaurant • Bar • Lounge


Located next to the popular 1U shopping mall and One World Hotel, this is a choice area especially for those who live and work around PJ and Taman Tun. With the infamous traffic jam of going down to the city, this is certainly more attractive for those who want to chill and you get to choose from restaurant, bar and lounge in the same sky level.

The restaurant is airy and spacious, and would certainly be more soothing during the evening hours as you look out to the all glass window. Nearby is the housing area of PJ and Taman Tun and as your eyes stretch beyond you can see KL city skyline with the KL tower and KL twin tower in the background.

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Guangzhou, China

Revisiting Guangzhou


It’s been years since I last went to Guangzhou, and that’s also a stop over. On my first trip I accompanied my family back to our ancestor home in a remote village, few hours away from Yun Fu town. Years ago it took us 1 day journey over very rough road to Yun Fu but now it took me only 2 hours on a express bus using the highway. After my shoot in Guangzhou for a client I took a day off and make a trip back to Yun Fu to catch up with my cousins, nieces and nephews over a lunch get together.

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A weekend getaway in Budapest


When I touched down in Budapest International Airport I was feeling rather depressed as the weather outside was drizzling and it’s getting dark. It was a good decision that I booked my airport transfer to hotel online before arriving here as I was travelling alone and didn’t know much about the city and it will be too troublesome to find my way to the city carrying my heavy camera bag and luggage. It was a heavy camera bag with D800E and 3 units of f/2.8 prime lenses and Nikon V1 with 2 lenses.

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Fuji X pro 1


I have been here a few times over the years with different luck over the weather. The afternoon we arrived in Kathmandu from Zhangmu it started to rain. Due to the rainy weather i didn’t even go up to Swayambhunath. I was also tired from the high altitude of Everest after travelling there for 2 weeks. The following morning was still raining when we reached Boudhanath. Since the rain isn’t too heavy i went for a walk round the giant stupa, taking some random pictures with my Fuji X- Pro 1 as I walk slowly among the crowd of devotees. Despite the slight rain, there were still many people circling the stupa, stopping to pray and turning the prayer wheels along the way. om mani padme hum..

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