Pai, Thailand

The long and winding road to Paiwild himalayan cherry blossom

To be precise is actually 762 curve before you reach Pai. Pai is a small town near the Myanmar border in the Mae Hong Song Province. It’s about 80 km north of Chiang Mai. Once you are outskirt of Chiang MaiThose who can easily get car sick will be better off prepare some motion sickness pills otherwise you can just sit tight and enjoy the scenery along the way. Well it’s really not as bad as what our Thai guide told us. Along the journey you can still stopover for a coffee, which you’ll find quite a few cafes with their own theme.

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The wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom

The Wild Sakura of Thailand

Sakura flower at Hmong Village, Chiang MaiMy first trip to see the Northern Thailand’s wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom was in end Dec 2011 but it turned out to be too early. After a long and winding road trip up to Kun Chang Kiean, we arrived at a small village park and all we saw was one tree with Sakura flowers. The whole mountain was still vivid green without a trace of pinkish flower. Continue reading “The wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom”

Yee Peng

The festival of lightsLoykrathong_DSC3632The sky lanterns filled the darkness like a thousand light bulbs lighting up the pitch -black sky over Chiang Mai. Some say a prayer before setting of the sky lanterns while other wrote their wishes on the lantern. As it goes higher it get smaller and eventually just disappear into the darkness but is soon replaced by a continuous flow of sky lanterns let off by the hundreds of local and tourists.

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