Trans-Siberia Rail From China to Mongolia

Part 1- Beijing to Ulaan Baatar

Trans-Siberian Rail A journey thru 3 countries, over 8515km and countless days and nights on the trains. Our first section starts from Beijing. This is the shortest train ride of our trans-Siberia Rail journey and as we move along the days merge into nights and when we finally arrived at Moscow we couldn’t get down fast enough from the train. Needless to say we were real glad to have our feet back on solid ground.

1st Leg: Beijing (China) to Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia).

Train No. K3 Hard Sleeper Class (4 berth/cabin)

Depart Beijing 24/Sep 11.22 (Beijing time) Arrive Ulaan Baatar 25/Sep 14.20 (UB time)

Total 27 hours.

Arriving into Beijing late at 1 am from Kuala Lumpur on Airasia, our van pick up and transfer straight to our guesthouse near the old Beijing area.

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Mt.Kailash & Everest Base Camp

tibet_DSC6206The evening view from the village before Everest Base Camp North face.

This is my second trip to Tibet and my first time travelling in the Ngari Region where Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarova are located. Travelling in Tibet is always a challenge as most part of the route is at altitude of 3500-5200 meter and due to the remote location living condition is at best very basic. But this didn’t stop me from going back again. With it’s spiritual aura and spectacular scenery it is no wonder why it entices us to go back time and again.

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The Modern Silk Road, Xinjiang


The journey to Kashgar or Kashi is long and tiring despite the newly tarred highway all the way from Urumqi. Travelling more them 500km a day, we have to make 2 overnight stops along the way before reaching Kashgar. I can imagine how adventurous and tiring it was for traders in the olden days travelling this famed Silk Road that link Europe and Central Asia to China bringing with them exotic goods and spices. Even till today we can still see glimpse of the past in some of the ruins and old towns. But these are slowly being over shadowed by the new cities that mushroom almost overnight fueled by the oil rich economy of Xinjiang.

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Guge Kingdom , Tibet

The ancient Guge Kingdom


The ruins of Guge Kingdom, the Old Summer Palace of Tibet is located in the Ngari Region of Tibet. Established in about the 10th century it was ruled by about 16 kings with armies of tens of thousand of soldiers till the 17th century when it ended due to conflicts resulting from power disputes within the imperial family. This barren landscape seems just like it was hundreds of years ago except there is a new-tarred highway but don’t expect much as conditions is pretty basic in this remote area. And travelling in this high altitude will definitely take your breath away. Continue reading “Guge Kingdom , Tibet”