Mosque in Malaysia


Wilayah Mosque

There are many beautiful mosque in Malaysia and these are just a few.Tourists are allowed  in but not in the prayer areas and during prayers time visitors will not be allowed inside. Proper dress code is required for both man and woman. If you are not properly attire they have robe for your to put over. Continue reading



The festival of Thaipusam is one of the most colourful festival in Malaysia celebrated by Hindu community. Every year this festival attracts thousand of locals and tourists as well, including many many photographers. The ceremony start very early in the morning and lasted till late night, when devotees carrying kavadi and offerings up to the cave temple at Batu Caves.

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The Migrant workers


I have been living here in Malaysia for 3 years and 8 month. I am from Pakistan. I was studying there at graduate level. I left my studies during MBA due to some circumstances. I start work here in construction sector. I am 25 years old.” – Ghulam Murtaza.

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