Silhouette & Shadow

Get creative with dramatic silhouettes

jordanIn the beginning we were always told to shoot with the sun behind us so that your subject will be clearly lighted up. As we move along and begin to understand light directions and to be able to control our camera better you’ll find that shooting with the sun in other positions can give you an even more dramatic results. Shooting into the sun can be tricky to meter and it’s not advisable to look straight into the strong sunlight otherwise it may damage your eyesight. But shooting against a strongly lighted background can create some dramatic shadow, silhouettes and flare.

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Romantic Greek Islands

Cruising the Agean Sea.

Greece island The resident artist of Mykonos who sells her own paintings at the morning market.

There is something magical about these Greek islands in the Agean Sea, where the deep blue sea merge into the horizon and blend into spotless blue sky with fluffy white cloud rolling by. The toy like houses in mostly white and blue or some soft pastel colours filled the steep slope of Santorini making it one of the most popular tourist destination in the region. The relatively flat island of Mykonos has it own attraction with its many beaches, crystal clear blue sea, cool café and nightlife.

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