Sukhothai & Si Satchanalai

A cold and wet January day

It was one of the coldest days i’ve experienced in Sukhothai. As it was raining for the last 2 days and with the cold northern wind blowing down south, the Northern part of Thailand down to Bangkok was suddenly under a cold spell. While The Northern part has always been cooler during January, it was exceptionally colder this year. And to make thing worst it also rain, making it inconvenient to walk in the historical parks. The sky was grey and flat without any shade of colours.  Continue reading “Sukhothai & Si Satchanalai”

Fly me to the moon

Yee Peng sky lantern festival in Chiang Mai
Yee Peng sky lantern festival in Chiang Mai

At the signal from the announce to let go the Khom Loi (floating sky lantern), we were just mesmerised by the amazing sights of the sky filled with thousands of sky lanterns floating almost in a similar pattern rushing toward the full moon. For us, the first timers attending this event was an overwhelming experience but it was soon over as the thousand of lanterns disappeared in the night sky. Yee Peng, the Northern Thai Lanna Festival is held at the same time during the Loi Krathong 25 November 2015. Continue reading “Fly me to the moon”

Phuket, Thailand

For some fun and sun at Phuket Island


Phuket Island was already a popular holiday island for the European and Asian tourists when the Tsunami came and wipe off many parts of the island. A few years later I was back to the island again on last February and I was really surprised and amazed how much the island has changed. There was nothing much to indicate that fateful day except a few small signage that indicate Tsunami escape route. Business is blooming, hotels are filled with tourists while restaurants and bars are packed with tourists in the evening. During the day you can hardly find an empty spot at the beach, where hundreds of tourists lay beneath giant beach umbrellas basking from sunrise till sunset.

PHT_DSC2089 Continue reading “Phuket, Thailand”

Yee Peng

The festival of lightsLoykrathong_DSC3632The sky lanterns filled the darkness like a thousand light bulbs lighting up the pitch -black sky over Chiang Mai. Some say a prayer before setting of the sky lanterns while other wrote their wishes on the lantern. As it goes higher it get smaller and eventually just disappear into the darkness but is soon replaced by a continuous flow of sky lanterns let off by the hundreds of local and tourists.

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