Trans-Siberian Railway : Irkutsk to Moscow

Day 1  Thu  2 Oct  Irkutsh – Moscow Train depart 1.45am. Mid night check out go to train station.

5 Days & Nights on the Train from Irkutsk to Moscow


This is the longest section of our Tran-Siberian Rail journey and also the most boring 5 days/nights. The weather was either raining or snowing, other time it was just too cloudy and dull to take picture from the moving train. To make matter worst, the windows on the train was lock and was too dirty to shot thru them. And the woman who looked after our coach was a gruppy Russian woman who doesn’t wash the toilet daily.

Most of the powerpoint in our coach has no power supply, or the power supply was too weak to even charged my iPhone.

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Trans-Siberia Rail From China to Mongolia

Part 1- Beijing to Ulaan Baatar

Trans-Siberian Rail A journey thru 3 countries, over 8515km and countless days and nights on the trains. Our first section starts from Beijing. This is the shortest train ride of our trans-Siberia Rail journey and as we move along the days merge into nights and when we finally arrived at Moscow we couldn’t get down fast enough from the train. Needless to say we were real glad to have our feet back on solid ground.

1st Leg: Beijing (China) to Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia).

Train No. K3 Hard Sleeper Class (4 berth/cabin)

Depart Beijing 24/Sep 11.22 (Beijing time) Arrive Ulaan Baatar 25/Sep 14.20 (UB time)

Total 27 hours.

Arriving into Beijing late at 1 am from Kuala Lumpur on Airasia, our van pick up and transfer straight to our guesthouse near the old Beijing area.

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